Meeting Notice

October presentation: What’s up with frequency coordination?

SPECIAL TIME: Wednesday, October 20 at 6:30 PM

When the FCC sold off the 600 MHz band to telecom, it left wireless microphone and foldback monitor device operators scrambling for workable spectrum, especially in the largest metro areas.

I’ve been coordinating frequencies for the NFL since 2012, and now perform the pre-game coordination for the Chargers, Rams, and 49ers—the only NFL coordinator to handle three teams. Monitoring and enforcement mean travel to Los Angeles on game days. With the Super Bowl coming up this February in Los Angeles, we’re preparing to jam more wireless gear into more diverse frequency bands.

In an online presentation, we’ll review current options for wireless options in each available band. What are power users buying? What spectrum is best to use for your applications in LA, San Diego, and Phoenix? What spectrum must be avoided? What’s new with NFL coordination? What is happening at recent and this season’s Super Bowl?

Join me, Gary Stigall, for an online SBE meeting Wednesday, October 20, at 6:30 PM. You are invited to join us. Here’s the link to sign-up.

About the presenter

Gary Stigall got his FCC First Class Radiotelephone License in 1976 and began broadcast engineering while still attending journalism school at the University of Oregon. He worked as a systems engineer for Pacific Recorders and Engineering and Centro, on teams that designed and built major radio studios for ABC and RKO Radio as well as fixed and mobile TV facilities for NBC. He was a staff engineer at San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB-TV for 15 years and then Director of Engineering at XETV Fox 6. For the past 10 seasons, he’s served as frequency coordinator for the NFL in San Diego and Los Angeles and has worked five Super Bowls. He’s closing his contract broadcast engineering company, Signal Wiz, after 10 years of operation.