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Monthly Meeting 7/10: Live Audio Streaming — a new approach

How can the radio business model remain relevant going into the 21 st century? There was AM, FM, HD, and now IP radio. It’s a technology progression, not a digital disruption.

Your traditional audience is changing, aging, and going away. Your new audience awaits, but they now consume media in different ways. New radios are scarce. Today it’s all about smartphones, devices, new automotive dashboards, and smart speakers such as Alexa.

Automotive dashboards like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay now include smartphone functions including streaming audio, which can provide far greater coverage and audio quality than any terrestrial or satellite radio services. Many new cars are not equipped with AM receivers. Some have no FM receivers. Not embracing this tech now simply devalues your radio properties while listeners continue to fade away, like the radio waves that deliver it.

How does it make sense to invest millions in limited terrestrial coverage to compliment your main AM and/or FM signal with FM translators, boosters, and costly class A FM’s when, for only thousands, you will achieve global coverage with the vastly superior quality of streaming?

Our guest this month

Greg Ogonowski, President of Modulation Index, LLC dba StreamS Hi-Fi Radio™. They are the leading provider of professional streaming audio technology, software and systems with encoders in use by some of the largest content providers in the world. Greg will show how standards-based audio codecs using AAC, HE-AAC, and xHE-AAC are replacing obsolete SHOUTcast and Icecast MP3 technology developed by hobbyists. He will explain how to reduce streaming costs while increasing reliability for content providers and their customers while offering proven superior audio quality for consumers that surpasses AM, FM, HD, and satellite radio specs.

A free lunch will be provided by SBE Chapter 47.

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Who All RSVP’d SBE Chapter 47 members and invited guests.
What Live audio streaming — a new approach
Where iHeart, 3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550, Burbank, CA 91505
When Tuesday, July 10, 11:30 AM
Why Greg’s presentation will describe a standards-based method of quality live streaming audio with dramatically decreased operating costs, increased reliability, professional features, and a better user experience.
Parking Parking underneath building, enter off S California St, take a parking ticket, they will be validated after meeting.
Food Food will be provided by the chapter.