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SBE 47 will reimburse any member of Chapter 47 that passes a SBE Certification test. Additionally, any active member of SBE 47 will receive reimbursement for their purchase of a CertPreview Test CD or Download

To be eligible for these benefits, you must:

  • be a member of Chapter 47, Los Angeles in good standing (ie, your membership is up to date with National) OR apply for membership in SBE/Chapter 47 with your Certification application

  • purchase a CertPreview CD or download from SBE National.

  • apply for and take a Certification Exam (you will need to provide payment upfront with the application)

  • pass the Exam

  • contact SBE 47 within 3 months of your passing test for your reimbursement. See contact info below.

  • If you fail a test, the retake fee from SBE National is $25 per test.  Chapter 47 will not reimburse for test retakes.  The member is responsible for that.

Dick Burden, Chapter 47 Certification Chair will inform the Chapter Officers of your accomplishment, and SBE 47 will reimburse your Certification fees!  You will be reimbursed for the Cert Preview CD/download regardless of whether you take and/or pass the exam.  Of course, as with any great offer, there are restrictions.  Note that we will be reimbursing you for only the Certification fees, not your membership fee if you are not yet a member and become a member of Chapter 47.  Please also note that reimbursement of testing costs are for passing a Certification Exam.  We will not be reimbursing for re-Certification.  Also, the Chapter 47 Board has set a maximum calendar year expense of $1000 for our chapter reimbursements.  So take the tests early in the year so you don't miss out.

When you finish your passing your tests, please submit a copy of your passing letter and all your receipts, including application fee receipt and/or proof of purchase of CertPreview to:

Mike Tosch, CSRE, AMD, CBNT, Chairman

SBE Chapter 47

1089 Waverly Heights Drive

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

OR .PDF copy everything and email to Mike at mtosch(AT)

(you are most welcome to scratch out CC numbers/account numbers from receipts for privacy)

For more information on Certification levels and other Certification information, please see the National SBE Certification Web Pages by clicking here.

Approved by Chapter 47 Board of Directors, 2/8/11, Restrictions apply. Subject to Change.

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